Random Associations

Do you ever link two things in your mind in some inexplicable way? Well, usually there is an explanation. Maybe they are two things you encountered or learned around the same time. Maybe you saw a movie and heard a song around the same time and so that movie and song are forever bonded in your brain, even though the song was never featured in the movie and has nothing really to do with it. You hear the song and think of the movie anyway.

Like, for me, this painting by Caspar David Friedrich is forever linked to Frankenstein. I have this idea the image was used on the cover of one of my high school literature textbooks and some excerpt of Frankenstein was inside and now these things have become co-mingled in my mind. Which is pretty impressive since I've never read any of Frankenstein, not even the excerpt from my lit text. But I had an interest in Byron, and I naturally associate him with Frankenstein, and I had this vague idea the man in the painting might look a bit like Byron, or dress like him anyway, and . . . Well. There you have it.

Not sure what made me think of that today, though. Brains are funny things.

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