Television: Community

I was late to this party, only started watching this show a few months ago. Now I've been catching up on Hulu and although the first few episodes didn't win me over, the more I watch, the more I really love this show.

With 30 Rock gone and The Office and Modern Family no longer very funny, Community fills my need for laughs. It is amazingly well written and Joel McHale does some of the best acting on television. But really, the whole ensemble is great. While I don't entirely buy all the romantic shenanigans, it's easy enough to bypass those and enjoy the rest of the show. (Thank goodness romance is not the core of this program—it's not Friends, after all; it's better than that.)

Community seems to be on the bubble over whether it will manage to finagle another season, though I'm hoping for at least another half season. Right now it really is the funniest thing on network television, and probably one of the cleverest too. Very refreshing to watch this show when so many others seem stuck in their ruts.

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