Television: Revolution, "Home"

Miles is heading a Georgia-Rebel army. This makes Bas Monroe want to kill him. Even more than usual, that is. So he goes off to his and Miles's old home town and holds them hostage, knowing this will make Miles come to save them. Or at the very least Miles will come to save Emma, which in ridiculous flashback we see is Miles's old high school flame (turns out they were engaged). The one Bas had a crush on.

Rachel and Aaron make it to the Plains Nation, where Rachel works to translate the information in the book Dr. Warren had given them, and Aaron thinks he sees his wife in a marketplace. He finally catches up to her, but she doesn't seem too happy to see him. She has a new man now: Steve! Her [new] husband! And so Priscilla dismisses Aaron with a, "good to see you." (Except it turns out Steve is holding a gun . . .)

After receiving the verbal message from a Monroe Militia member, Miles slips away, leaving his men to beat, if not kill, the messenger.

Aaron, sensing that Priscilla's behavior was "off" in some way (though considering he disappeared on her, not sure what he'd expect under the circumstances), is intent of finding Priscilla again and talking to her. Turns out Steve isn't her husband. Priscilla is a fugitive! Aaron fights Steve, Steve almost wins, but it's Priscilla in the alley with the lead pipe. We get the story of her being wanted for murder; she stabbed a Monroe Militia officer. (In her defense, those guys are assholes. Who wouldn't stab them?) Also, Priscilla has a family now, including an 11-year-old daughter down in Texas. Aaron sends her on her way.

And back home, Emma tries to use her influence on Bas to convince him to let her and the town go. But Miles shows up shooting before Bas can relent. Bas tells Emma that he can't be the person she knew (and apparently loved) so many years ago. He locks Emma and the rest of the townspeople in a burning basement. Cuz he sucks like that. (It's like the Dark Side in Star Wars: Bas's hate has overcome his love.)

How are they not all dead from smoke inhalation, btw? Just curious.

Miles's backup shows up just in time.

And then Emma lets everyone know she has a son. Bas's son. (Cue crappy teenage sex flashback.)

Then one of Miles's people takes a shot, hits Bas and kills Emma before she can tell Bas where their son is.

The President of Georgia then brings in Neville to keep Miles more in line. Coming up next week: The Odd Couple, Revolution style! (Actually, next week's ep is titled "The Love Boat." Even better? Which one gets to be Gopher?)

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