Father's Day

My dad is reading my book (The K-Pro).

You have to understand, my father and I are very close. Our whole family is, really, what with me being an only child; we're a nice, tight little unit. But Dad and I have a special bond. I'm a Daddy's Girl.

So I'm both really excited and really nervous to think he's reading something I wrote.

Anyone who writes or acts or somehow produces a final product . . . And who has family and friends they very much value . . . They will understand this butterfly of feeling in knowing someone close to them is reading (watching, viewing in some way) one's work.

The good news is that Dad's early impressions are favorable. (And my dad is not someone who will gloss to spare a person's feelings. Hmm. Sounds familiar . . . Maybe I should point out he, like me, has Asperger's.) He's read two chapters, is on the third, and says he's definitely pulled in, curious to figure out what is going on. Apparently he'd been reading, but they had tickets to see Star Trek, and he found himself not wanting to put the book down and go to the movie. They did go, of course. But now he's eager to continue reading.

So it seems for this Father's Day, my dad has given me a gift greater than anything I could have given him! (But I did give him stuff. DVDs. Of Fawlty Towers and Mulberry. 'Cuz he likes those shows and needs stuff to watch over the summer.)

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