I'm flying out early tomorrow morning—too early, car is coming at 4:00 a.m.—which means today I am packing and going off to have my hair done. (I like to keep people guessing what color it will be next.)

I will try to do some updating while I'm away, but since it's unlikely I'll be spending much time in front of a TV, nor do I travel to London to sit in cinemas . . . Though I have done, on special occasions . . . Anyway, it's more likely Sherlock will have things to say about our outings. Be sure to check in with him and/or follow his Twitter, since he'll be keeping people informed of our whereabouts. (I've had people recognize me while out taking pictures with Sherl; they've even come and asked to have their pictures taken with him, which is kind of awful since it only inflates his ego.)

Oh, and on Thursday the 27th, I'll have a guest post up on A Faraway View. So please be sure to go and check that out as well.

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