Site Template Issues & Potential Move

A quick apology if you're trying to read this and are only getting the nasty grey-and-white template. For some reason my customizations are not showing up. At least, they aren't in Chrome; when I open this site in Safari, my red template loads properly. (Note: it seems to be an issue with the latest Chrome update, but considering Google runs both Chrome and Blogger, one would think they could make these work together properly?)

Blogger has been having template design issues for almost a year now, which is very frustrating for someone like me who has used Blogger for a long time and so has a lot of content here. However, I am considering moving spooklights over to my PepperWords site in some form or fashion (I also need to migrate PepperWords to a new host, so there's a lot going on, on every side). I hope if/when I do move, you'll follow my reviews to its new home. More to come as things develop.

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