Television: Revolution Season 2 Teaser Trailer

So everyone was telling me I had to see this trailer for the upcoming season of Revolution. That it would make me definitely want to watch Season 2. (As you might recall, I left Season 1 feeling on the fence about whether I'd bother continuing to watch.) I finally got around to it tonight:

Can't say that I'm wowed. Looks pretty much like more of the same with a few swaps. I mean, assuming I'm understanding what I'm seeing, it appears they turn the lights back on for a few seconds only to have to turn them off again in order to stop the missiles. And then, based on the fact that remaining clips have people using candles and bonfires and whatnot, I'm guessing they can't or don't turn the lights back on again after the missiles come crashing down wherever they, you know, land. So we're back where we started, still without power? Only now, instead of Monroe being the bad guy, we've got the remnants of the actual U.S. government stirring up trouble (in the name of patriotism, of course) . . . Plays a little thick and heavy with the social commentary, I think, but whatever. Bottom line is, from what I see here, it's still people running around without electricity and picking fights of one kind and another. And I really just can't stand to watch a show that makes no progress. It's pretending to make progress, but the truth is, it's one step forward and two steps back. Because whoever is writing this clearly can't figure out how to sustain it and develop it at the same time. It's a televisual hamster wheel.

Now, I could of course be wrong. I could be misinterpreting what I'm seeing, or maybe this isn't even the trailer everyone was so excited about and I'm missing something entirely. But if I'm supposed to choose whether or not to watch the second season of Revolution based solely on this, then . . . I think I'll pass.

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