Television: The 12th Doctor

Peter Capaldi has been announced as the newest incarnation of The Doctor on Doctor Who, taking over from Matt Smith at the end of the year. Already remarks are running the gamut from "Hip hip hooray!" to "Oh, another old white guy, what a bold new direction /sarcasm."

While I'm inclined to think that those who are really excited by this unveiling are the kinds of people who would have been happy no matter what because they are determined to like all things Whovian, I really have no opinion one way or another on Capaldi as Doctor. Yet. Truth is, it will depend as much or more on the writing as on the actor. Give even the best actor a crap script, and even if he does his best to elevate the material, it will still be mostly crap. Give a bad actor a great script and the material elevates him.

Why yes, I am a writer? Why do you ask?

Seriously, though, it's the truth. Look at movies that have been known to have rampant script problems, ones that go through multiple rewrites and several screenwriters—they're typically a jumble that even special effects cannot save. It all starts with story.

So I'll withhold judgement on Capaldi as the latest in a long line of [yes, white male] Doctors and wait to see what they give him and how he manages the part.


Christine Rains said...

I feel the same way. I looked to see who it was and then shrugged. Let me see him in a episode first before I pass judgment.

M said...

I'd definitely be more excited if they'd chosen a POC or a woman, but . . . Even then it would all depend on the stories.