Television: Sleepy Hollow, "The Lesser Key of Solomon"

Written, list style, while watching.
  1. The introduction in which Crane explains who he is? So Highlander.
  2. In the best use of product placement I've yet to see on television, Crane brings an On Star operator to tears with his eloquence.
  3. Meanwhile, Abbie's sister Jennifer is loose and being sought by (a) Abbie and Crane, and (b) some scary other dudes. German? They torture and kill people anyway. (More beheadings!)
  4. I'm kind of bored now . . .
  5. Turns out Jenny and Sheriff Corbin were cozy, though.
  6. Starting to think Crane should host one of those radio talk shows where people call in with relationship problems or whatever. Oooh, like LaCroix on Forever Knight!
  7. Jenny was tasked by Corbin to keep an old sextant safe. But Crane recognizes as it as something from the Revolutionary War, a weapon. (Insert National Treasure-type lecture/flashback about the war.) Ah! But the "Hessian" bit explains the Germans.
  8. The sextant works as a projector. With an old map of Sleepy Hollow, showing the location of . . . a chest?
  9. Jesus, aim for the freaking tires! Don't they teach this in . . . sheriff school or whatever it's called?
  10. Oh, but the bad guys got the sextant.
  11. I should do all my posts in lists. It's way easier than writing paragraphs.
  12. This is kind of like Indy versus the Nazis now.
  13. The episode title is explained as referring to a book of magic written by King Solomon, something about summoning 72 demons, yada, yada, yada.
  14. How is it no one in Sleepy Hollow has noticed they have neighbors with German accents? I mean, my friend who is from the Netherlands and has lived here a decade has less of an accent than these guys. So these guys who have lived in Sleepy Hollow all these years . . . And they still have these accents?
  15. Moloch. Um, okay. Tell him to take a number. We got demons and lesser gods lined up already.
  16. Oh, lucky Crane has a photographic memory. Guess they don't need the sextant after all.
  17. The Germans have the box. And the book. And it looks like they carry a handy demon-raising kit with them as well.
  18. Solomon was Jewish, right? I feel like there should be a minyan or something required to raise demons. Two German dudes really doesn't cut it.
  19. Some unimpressive fighting.
  20. The book gets thrown into the flaming pit of birthing demons . . . And somehow that stops them? Weak dénouement.
  21. Revelation 11. Abbie tells Jenny she [Abbie] and Crane are the "two witnesses." (But what if they're not? Are we taking this on faith? Just wondering.)
  22. Sister moment. Abbie offers to try and get Jenny out of the loony hutch. (After Jenny broke out? Are they really going to allow that?)
  23. Milton. (Didn't we all know that already? Moloch --> Paradise Lost? No? Just me? Okay.)
  24. I just wanted to end on an even number. Good night.

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