Television: Revolution, "Everybody Says I Love You"

Miles, Rachel, and Charlie are all set to go save Aaron and Gene but discover all those guys and dogs (and a crow) are out cold and the front door of the building is open. Inside, more concussed men and Aaron's boot prints leading away. He took Cynthia with him.

So . . . A whole episode about Aaron being captured is really just a total waste? Because we're right back to them chasing and hunting Aaron? They'd been doing really well thus far in making progress with the plot this season. This is a setback.

Rachel and Charlie want to go save Gene but Miles argues they need to find Aaron. Gene might be dead for all they know, and if he is, he sacrificed himself so they could save Aaron. Right? Don't let Gene's hypothetical death be in vain!

Aaron and Cynthia are in the high school (which is a wreck; in the 15+ years since the blackout no one thought to clean the place up and find another use for it?), and Aaron discovers that Cynthia's wound has healed. And that some kid lives there. Aaron asks the kid who brought them there—he doesn't at all remember walking to the school with Cynthia in his arms.

(Remember that Twilight Zone episode with the kid who could do terrible things if you made him angry or unhappy? So everyone was always trying to keep him happy? Is Aaron just Revolution's version of that kid?)

Oh, and Miles's hand wound is infected.

And Neville sees his wife through a train window—not dead!—happily hanging with some other man. Is he going to step up his crazy even more now? Because that would be awesome.

Flashback includes Rachel in a terrible wig that makes her look like she wants to be Gwyneth Paltrow. (The actual plot of the scene involves Rachel telling Miles she's willing to leave Ben for him, but he tells her to go back to his brother and start a family.)

Oooh. Neville's wife (who totally has a name I can't remember because I always just think of how Dave Barry used to refer to her as Mole Face or something like that when he wrote up 24) sees him and meets him for some kissy face. And then they argue. Because she married someone else when she thought Neville was dead. But then! She goes all Lady Macbeth and begins to dictate what they're going to do.

Turns out only Aaron can see the kid, who says, "We fixed her. We brought you back to life." Um . . . Is this a royal "we" or what?

Aaron gets freaked out and wants to leave, but Cynthia tells him he should stay and talk to the boy. Aaron remembers why the boy looks familiar; he's Kevin, a friend from third grade. The nanotech have taken that shape to communicate; they know Aaron's "things" and say Aaron has woken them up. Spring City, Oklahoma apparently is very important. Either that or the big ball of twine they have there.

Aaron tells the nanotech to leave him alone. The nanotech tells Aaron the Patriots have arrived.

Miles and Rachel have also arrived, but Miles collapses and Rachel learns about his infection.

And Charlie and Monroe are wandering around the school too. Charlie hides in a locker. Consider: she's from a generation that did not have to deal with being shoved into school lockers. Hiding in a locker holds no irony for her at all.

Dr. Horn finds Aaron and Cynthia and begs Aaron to heal the tumor in his brain. While Aaron pleads for time, Horn shoots Cynthia. Aaron is suddenly fine using the nanotech to kill Horn and the Patriots. Now can he save Cynthia and Miles?

But the nanotech is confused by the lack of logic in Aaron's commands. When Aaron demands it (the boy) heal Cynthia, the nanotech chooses to leave instead.

So does this mean Aaron no longer has any power? Sucks for Miles. And Monroe is going to be pissed if Miles dies before he can say where his [Monroe's] son is . . .

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