Television: Intelligence, "Mei Chen Returns"

So in the pilot, the Chinese created another super-intelligent agent à la Gabriel. Her name is Mei Chen. At first it had seemed the attempt had failed, but . . .

Kate Anderson, a London-based CIA analyst with a hard drive filled with sensitive information, meets with an MI6 agent. The MI6 agent is killed; Anderson goes to the Chinese Embassy. Now Lillian is tasked with finding Anderson. Oh, and btw, Gabriel is "missing." (Read: out drinking in Mexico as he mourns the loss of Amelia.)

Of course then some Mexicans come to pick on him. He handily beats them up and finds somewhere else to drink until Riley finds him and drags him home.

"Something's wrong with my chip," Gabriel confides. He thinks someone is "watching" him from inside his head. In fact, he thinks it may be Amelia, "accessing" from another plane. Cassidy doesn't want Gabriel to render the scene of the MI6 agent's murder until they're sure what's going on, but Lillian insists. Time is, as ever, of the essence.

Why did they need Gabriel to put two and two together in figuring out Anderson went to the Chinese Embassy? They had the audio and access to the same video cameras. Are they really that bad at their jobs?

But in the render, Gabriel does discover Mei Chen is out there sporting a chip like his.

And Mei Chen goes and kills one of the Chinese Embassy workers so as to take her place.

Meanwhile, Gabriel and Riley are off to London. On the flight, Gabriel gets hacked by Mei Chen and pulls a gun on Riley, forcing Riley to hit him.

Turns out Anderson's drive has info about Gabriel on it; the CIA has been spying on the Clockwork project.

Complication: the "hard drive" Anderson has might not be a hard drive so much as a microdot—liquid data. Difficult to locate.

Mei Chen infiltrates the Chinese Embassy and grabs Anderson as Gabriel and Riley arrive. The drive is on Anderson's contact lens. Mei Chen downloads the info and is on the verge of killing Anderson when Gabriel and Riley step in. Though they stop her from killing Anderson, they fail to prevent her escape. So now Mei Chen is the only one with the data; she destroyed the contact lens and overloaded the computers.

The plan: to lure Mei Chen into one of Gabriel's renders and launch some kind of attack. Mei Chen tries to convince Gabriel they are a new species, an Adam and Eve. But Gabriel rejects and ejects her from his mind. (And it seems they are able to erase the stolen data from Mei Chen's mind while they're at it.)

Um . . . Okay. It's nice they're setting up an antagonist for Gabriel that is "on his level," but Mei Chen's character was not convincing as such. If she was meant to be sultry, she wasn't. Alluring, interesting? Nope. On the whole a failed attempt. Better luck next week.

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