Television: Revolution, "The Three Amigos"

Um, lessee, where were we?

Aaron was talking to kids who weren't actually there (a manifestation of the nanotech), Cynthia had been killed, Gene was being held by the Patriots, Miles' hand was infected, Monroe was intent on finding his lost son, and Neville was getting crazier by the minute.

And here's what happened this week:

  • Monroe and Charlie freed Gene so Gene could help save Miles.
  • Aaron wandered off on his own . . . To Spring City, Oklahoma and its big ball of twine. Cuz that's where the nanotech seemed to want him to go.
  • Monroe, Miles, and Rachel went to Mexico and found Monroe's son, who is a lot like his dad in attitude and in the way he amasses henchmen and then oppresses people. So Monroe tells his boy they should partner up and rebuild the Monroe Republic.
  • The Patriots were injecting oranges with something and handing them out to the people of Willoughby.
  • Oh, and Neville's still crazy. He and his wife continue to plot to take over the world government.

I'll admit, this week's episode didn't hold my full attention. We seem to have hit a slump.

Based on my half-listening skills, it seems Monroe was dragged off by some of his son's men. Now Miles and Rachel must go rescue him. I'm not sure why, not even sure why they went with him in the first place. Miles said it was because if they sent Monroe off alone, he'd never come back, but . . . Is that a bad thing?

I'm really just waiting for Neville to become president or something. And then it'll be all "Madness of King Tom" or whatever. And he'll have to be overthrown.

Alternatively, or perhaps additionally, I'm waiting for the promise of a big ball of twine to be made good on. Show me the twine, and I shall be satisfied.

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