Books: Power Tarot by Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega

I've talked about my Tarot card habit, the fact that I collect these cards. I have a few books, too, "idiot's guides" and such. But I have to say, of all the random Tarot texts I've managed to collect from Half Price Books and the like, Power Tarot is by far the most useful.

The authors here do a fabulous job of covering the meaning of each card, both in general and in specific kinds of readings. For example, each card is broken down into its meanings in a "Work" reading, "Romance," "Finances," and so on. This helps immensely if you're like me and have only the most basic sense of the cards but then wonder what the hell the High Priestess means when I've asked about my most recent writing project.

I realize, of course, that good Tarot reading stems from a certain amount of intuition. It is not paint-by-number. Sometimes my logical mind struggles with this, but I'm getting better at connecting with and feeling the cards. Still, a book like Power Tarot is a nice reference for when I get stumped.

Besides the card descriptions (though they are the bulk of the book), MacGregor and Vega also offer notes on how to figure out timing of events, which cards mean yes, no, or maybe, and things of that sort. And then the back part of the book is filled with a variety of spreads, many designed to answer specific questions, others easy to adapt to whatever situation you might want to do a reading about. The spreads become increasingly complex as you go along so that you can build your abilities and grow your confidence.

Bottom line is, while a lot of my other Tarot books will continue to sit on my shelves and almost never be touched, this one will probably remain on or near my desk as a regular reference. Because even as I get better at fiddling with these cards, I like the idea of having a touchstone nearby. But I hadn't found a book that would serve. Now I have.

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