Television: True Detective, "Who Goes There"

Less of the interview frame story this week, though that appears to be coming to a head. I'm glad the writers aren't playing coy or pretending that the seeming interest in Cohle is really nothing. We're halfway through now, too, so things should begin to come together.

But first, they must fall apart. As Marty's marriage did this week after his mistress went and told Maggie everything. This serves to distract Marty, which of course will be part of the interviewers' point: that Marty was focused elsewhere, which is why he missed so much of what was really going on.

And what is going on? Well, Cohle gets a line on Ledoux, their chief suspect. But in order to get closer, he'll have to return to his old undercover persona "Crash."

The showpiece of the episode was a long tracking shot near the end that featured Cohle and his old buddies—most particularly, the guy he needs in order to get to Ledoux—as they bust their way into a stash house and then back out of the projects. Beautifully done and very intense. (Anyone remember Rope? Not actually one whole shot but made to look that way? One of my all-time favorite movies.)

This show just keeps getting better. Does make me wonder what they'll do for next season, though. I don't think they can top this—that's the downfall of doing something so well right off the bat; you've set expectations—but if they can at least do as well, that will be something.

As a personal aside, I learned the other evening that one of my aunts (by marriage, but by divorce we'd no longer be related) was murdered in an Erath cane field. Stabbed 67 times. They never found the guy. Weird, the things that get dragged out when fiction follows fact.

To lighten the mood, and to give fans something to do while waiting for the next episode: click here. (As a rule I don't much like Tumblr, but I make an exception for this one.)

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