Television: 24: Live Another Day, "2:00 p.m–3:00 p.m."

In which Jack spends most of the episode locked in a room at the U.S. Embassy with hostages we all know he doesn't intend to actually harm. He's just trying to get data from Drone Boy's key so he [Jack] and Chloe can prove it was an outside attack and that the drone program is vulnerable.

Meanwhile, President William Devane finishes his ultimately successful speech at Parliament and is given a polite round of applause. At which point he's informed of Jack's return and the hostage situation. The president wants to talk to Jack directly, at which point anyone familiar with the show goes, "Duh!" even though the people on the show are like, "What?!"

Jack explains the situation to the president. Problem solved, right? Jack and the prez go way back, so the president knows Jack is no liar. Except everyone else is telling the president that Jack is in with Chloe, who in turn is in with a hacker organization, and therefore Jack is untrustworthy by association. So the president gives the military the go-ahead to break into the room where Jack is holed up.

Collective groan from the viewing audience.

And Kate is still running around, and she believes Jack. For all the good it does either her or him. (Sum total = none.)

Catelyn Stark, meanwhile, continues her tiny reign of terror over her household. After Wannabe Sansa's husband tries to convince Wannabe to run away with him—he has a car waiting and everything—she tattles to Mummy and ends up losing a finger for her troubles. (Mummy had to threaten something the husband loved in order to keep him in line, so . . . Daughter/Wife wins that particular prize. Or loses, depending on your perspective.)

So now Catelyn is targeting heavily armed drones near London. And it looks as if Jack will be asking the president for permission to return to service. Let's hope next week steps things up a bit. Maybe it's just been too long since I watched and enjoyed 24, but so far I feel this mini-season has been a tad weak.

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