Fall Television

So the season is nearly upon us . . . Remember when shows started at the beginning of September? Now it's more like late September, even October.

There are shows I already watch and am waiting for: Elementary, and we'll see if I can be bothered with Sleepy Hollow. Curious to see how Community does on Yahoo! as well. And stuff like Game of Thrones and Fargo won't be back until winter/spring.

But what about the newbies? Here are some of the shows I'm considering trying out:

  • Gotham (premiering September 22)
  • Scorpion (premiering September 22)
  • Selfie (premiering September 30) — I'm not really sold on this one, but I'll try it; My Fair Lady is an all-time favorite of mine
  • Gracepoint (premiering October 2) — can't imagine it'll be as good as Broadchurch though
  • Constantine (premiering October 24)

Possibly also Fresh Off the Boat, which I feel is an awful title, but the clips I saw were funny, and I need a few more laughs in my television diet. No idea when that one premiers.

There may be others. Can't clutter my schedule too much, but I like to try a lot of things and then winnow. Sort of like piling a plate at a buffet and then deciding what to go back for.

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