Peter Submission Stats and Other Odds & Ends

I'm now in the querying cycle for The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller. I've sent out 40 total queries thus far. Of those, I've received 6 requests for pages, either partial or the full manuscript. (If you really want to get down into it, 4 requests for partials and 2 for the full.) Of those requests, 3 came back as passes. I've also had 4 passes on the query itself. But I still have 1 partial and the 2 fulls out and being considered. And there are 30 queries still hanging out there in space.

In percentages:

17.5% of the responses have been rejections
7.5% are currently reading and considering the manuscript
75% have yet to respond

As for other things, like television, I do hope to catch up soon via this blog. I have a DVR full of goodies from this past week waiting to be watched and reviewed. But if you're wondering about American Horror Story, I won't be watching it this season. Excepting that one episode of The X-Files, I don't do circuses or freak shows. Just . . . no.

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