Television: Broadchurch 2.4

I really am starting to suspect Claire in the Sandbrook case. I mean, she's a hairdresser, right? And Lee's hair on Pippa's pillow? So is Lee too blind to see what's going on, or is he complicit in some way?

It appears Claire and Ricky (Pippa's father) are still in touch. Ricky and his wife Cate separated after the murders, and Cate tells Alec that Ricky and Claire were having an affair—something she didn't bother to tell him the first time around because, "What business was it of yours?" Um, well, might go to motive? Sure, it sucks to have the police all up in your personal life, but it sucks that much more not to have a case resolved when you didn't give them all the information.

Ricky wasn't even with Cate when the abductions/murders took place. Cate had said Ricky was with her at a wedding, but now she tells Alec Ricky was off shagging a bridesmaid. That = not with you in a couple different ways.

Meanwhile, Lee takes advantage of Alec's and Ellie's visit to Sandbrook by making a visit of his own to Claire. You can imagine how that goes. And of course Claire lies and says there's been no one else, though we all know she just had a one-nighter with some guy from a bar. So now she's an established liar.

Oh, and we learn that Alec and Claire did sleep together. Though the extent of their relationship is unclear.

As for the case against Joe, that is going up in smoke (again, or some more, and burning faster now) thanks to Susan Wright's return. She comes back to tell Nigel she has lung cancer and maybe nine months to live. Nigel is unsympathetic. So Susan goes in the box to testify she saw Nigel with Danny's body on the beach that night. The defence now has its viable alternative, which goes to reasonable doubt that Joe was the one who killed Danny.

Also, Mark breaks off with Tom, saying he has to focus on little Lizzie now. Tom is understandably distraught. Dumped first by his own dad in favor of Danny, and now by Danny's dad in favor of a baby. Not great for the self-esteem. Then Susan Wright comes home and kicks Tom out of her caravan too.

And Olly makes a nuisance of himself, as usual, by first going to Alec and asking why Lee Ashworth is in town (Olly recognized him from the papers), and when Alec won't talk, Olly goes to Lee and snaps a couple photos. Lee won't talk, either, so Olly runs the photos with the caption that the Sandbrook suspect has moved to Broadchurch. Broadchurch could have a new tourist tagline: Visit Broadchurch! Harbours child murderers!

Get it? Harbours? Because beach? Ah, never mind.

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