Television: Gotham, "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon"

I didn't realize just how much the Bruce Wayne/Cat story line slows things down until it reappeared this week after taking some time off (in a Swiss chalet). While I get that Bruce Wayne is sort of a necessary character, so far he's really boring. Alfred is slightly more interesting, but he doesn't have much to do except grouse and sometimes verbally bully his charge. They really need to fix this part of the show because it's a huge drag.

On the other hand, the mob stuff was again the more interesting story of the week. Penguin (or Oswald, I guess) brought his mother to see his new nightclub, as inherited from Fish Mooney. But of course Butch busts Fish out of the torture chamber Don Falcone had sent her to, so . . . I do feel like it shouldn't have been that easy. But I can also understand the desire to keep Fish "in the game" for plotting purposes.

As for Jim (and Bullock), they were dealing with Internal Affairs and the murder of a witness who was supposedly under police custody and protection. He'd come down to the station to give a statement, but then was killed before he could. I wasn't paying much attention after that, but basically Jim was convinced a cop had done it, but no one wanted to believe it, nor was anyone giving up any information (protecting their own). But then it did end up being a cop, of course. Just more proof of Gotham P.D. corruption.

Finally, a tiny subplot involving Ed giving Kristen a dopey card and being publicly embarrassed for his troubles. One supposes they're building up reasons for him to go bad, namely that he's perpetually bullied and made fun of. I actually find his character interesting, but maybe it's just as well he's not featured more; in large quantities, I can easily see Ed being insufferable, at which point I'd be siding with Bullock and the others who give him such a hard time.

Gotham has definitely gotten better with the second half of the season and seems to be finding its stride. We'll see if it can carry that streak into its second season now that FOX has granted it one.

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