Food: Virgil's Cream Soda

I think we've established my love of soda, and sweets, and cream soda in particular. Sure, an A&W or I.B.C. will do in a pinch, but I'm always on the lookout for something that goes above and beyond.

The last new cream soda I tried was Henry Weinhard's last November. I really like that one. Very thick and foamy head on it, great vanilla taste without being too heavy. In fact, there are times one almost wishes it were a tad stronger.

Not too long ago I came across another cream soda I hadn't tried: Virgil's. They have a line of sodas, but so far I've only tried the straight-up cream. And I really like it, too. It's a smidge stronger than Weinhard's but doesn't have the draught-style head. In fact, the one big drawback I've discovered to Virgil's is its tendency to spew when you open the bottle. Even if you've only taken the bottle out of the cupboard, apparently it doesn't take much to cause what should only happen when you really shake the thing.

While Weinhard's is more butterscotch in flavor, Virgil's is a definite vanilla. It's darker in color, too. I'd place it as a step up from A&W or I.B.C. and on par with—though different from—Weinhard's. And I'm curious enough to try some of the other flavors they make. Black cherry cream soda? Yeah, I'll taste test that. Stay tuned.

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Yum! All that good stuff in one place! Thanks for dropping by my blog on Blitz Day!