Television: Gotham, "The Scarecrow"

Gordon struggles to maintain work-life balance when Leigh comes in as the new medical examiner and insists on kissing.

Bruce goes for a hike. Alone. Which goes about as well as can be expected.

Fish Mooney fights her way to the top of a less elite band of outlaws.

And Penguin redecorates a nightclub but has lousy taste in music.

Oh, and then there's the whole Scarecrow thing in which Dr. Crane is killing people and cutting out their adrenal glands in order to create a kind of vaccine against fear. Has something to do with the fact his wife died in a house fire, and Crane has lingering guilt over not saving her—he was too afraid to go upstairs and rescue her, and now she haunts him . . . But only when he injects himself with this drug he's developing. Wouldn't that make you stop injecting the drug? I dunno. There's no accounting for crazy.

Thing is, Crane insists on "inoculating" his son Jonathan too, but the result is that Jonathan is now trapped in a neverending hallucination of evil scarecrows. So, you know, that sucks.

Whatever. It was an okay episode, very even in tone, nothing great and nothing awful, just kind of there. I feel like this series should really be called Batman: Origins because that seems to be what it is: a collection of origin stories for all these characters we already know from the comics and movies.

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