Fantod Pack by Edward Gorey

A little tongue-in-cheek divination from the late and lovely Mr. Gorey. The Fantod Pack is a collection of 20 cards designed to tell you just what disaster(s) might befall you.

The cards come with a booklet that gives a brief history of Madame Groeda Weyrd, interpreter of said cards, though she refuses to divulge their mystic origin. The booklet also instructs on how to use the cards, then lists each card and its various interpretations. (These lists are really just the possible difficulties, disturbances, and dreadful things that might arise to hound you.)

The Fantod Pack is out of print, I believe, but Amazon still has a number of buying options. As a fan of Gorey and a collector of Tarot and oracle cards, for me they were a must have. They combine all the dark, fantastical art of Gorey with his unique humor and channel it into the perfect outlet. Still, if you're hoping for serious divination, you probably want something else.

Box + sampling of cards

Sample lists from the booklet

Then again, I must say, when following the instructions in the booklet, I've had a rather accurate reading . . . But with so many options per card, it would be a wonder if I couldn't find something to fit the bill.

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