Television: Gotham, "The Anvil or the Hammer"

I have to say, I feel like the Ogre thing could have lasted another couple episodes. Still, probably better that they didn't milk it.

We last left Barbara with Jason, aka the Ogre. A serial killer. He sees something special in Barbara, something that leads him to believe she's "The One." As proven by her telling him to go kill her parents. (Hey, he demanded to know who he should kill.)

I had thought last week that Barbara had smiled a little when Jason showed her his special room, but I guess not. Though I'm not sure then why she didn't run away right then. Evidently she spent the night, and it's only in the morning when she tries to leave that things get ugly.

Gordon is, of course, in the awkward position of being in love with Leslie but feeling responsible for Barbara's situation and safety. For a show as hamfisted as Gotham can be, this was played reasonably well.

Anyway, the short answer is Gordon and Bullock find Barbara and Jason at Barbara's parents' house. The parents are dead, Barbara is dazed, but our heroes win the day.

Meanwhile, Nygma works to hide the evidence of his murder by dealing with the corpse in the coroner's office. He also sends Kris a typewritten note ostensibly from her AWOL boyfriend. "Have a nice life!" more or less.

And Penguin starts a mob war. ::shrug:: This remains the least interesting bit of the show for me. As great as Robin Lord Taylor is, the story there just bores me.

Bruce goes to open the safe of . . . some guy at Wayne Enterprises . . . and it's empty. But the guy finds him and gives him a cookie. Um, what? So wait a minute, I lied; this is the least interesting part of the show.

The first season is skidding to its end. I'm not 100% on board for watching a second. If only half a show is entertaining me, there's something wrong. We'll see how things end, and only then will I know if I can be bothered to carry on.

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