Television: Scorpion, "Cliffhanger"

The writers for the show are working overtime to create a conflict that none of the viewers actually feels. Maybe because Walter is so wooden, it's difficult to imagine him caring this much about something that happened some 15–20 years ago. Then again, Walter is full enough of himself to carry a sense of betrayal indefinitely. "You used my work for bad ends!" Sigh.

Anyway, someone else who is really unhappy about all that decides so many years later to take it out on a lab. And so there are people locked inside, and there's sarin gas, and the old wounds open up between Walter and Cabe. Yawn.

Meanwhile, it must've been Riley Smith's spring break because he was actually in a lot of the episode. Dressing like Walter and wanting to be part of the team . . . So much so that he puts himself in mortal danger, just as Walter is known to do. This causes Paige to conclude that Ralph should not be exposed to Scorpion any longer. She tells Walter she's going to recommend Drew take the coaching job in Maine, and then she and Ralph will move with Drew.

On top of this, Walter has demanded that Cabe be removed as Scorpion's handler. The rest of the crew isn't loving this idea—remember that, smart as they all are, none of them like change. Excitement is one thing, but they all require a stable foundation, of which Cabe and Paige are two load-bearing beams. Now things are beginning to crumble.

Of course, upset at the idea of Paige leaving, and still really angry about the whole Cabe thing (now that he's thinking about it again), Walter takes off in a Ferrari. This is actually a real issue for people with high IQs. There's something about control—wanting to lose it while simultaneously wanting to prove you have it—that makes reckless driving appealing. Also that sense of superiority that convinces you you're better than anyone else on the road (though in this case there was no one else). But then Walter swerves to avoid a coyote and goes over a guardrail, so . . . There's your cliffhanger.

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