Lenormand Silhouettes

From the folks who brought us the lovely Under the Roses Lenormand comes this deck derived from Victorian silhouettes.

I'm not sure what it is about this deck that caught my fancy when I saw someone using it on Facebook. Perhaps the simplicity, or maybe my love of all things Victorian. In any case, it's a nice balance against the ornateness of my Enchanted Lenormand deck.

The cards came packed in no particular order, so I was obliged to sort them and make sure I had them all. No worries, and it didn't take long. There are some alternate cards to this deck as well:

I'll admit I'm a cat person, so . . . Nice touch. Though when reading for loyalty and friendship, the Dog card still feels more appropriate.

Sometimes I leave all the alternate cards in and assign them different meanings. For example, one Lady card might mean me while the other means "some other woman." The Dog card might mean a specific friend whom I see regularly versus the Cat meaning a friend at a distance whom I do not see often. And as I have a daughter and two sons, the children might be divided by gender, or else I'll assign one to mean actual children and one to mean "a new start" or "a new project."

Instead of coming with a booklet, this deck comes with additional cards that give instructions and keywords. I'm guessing this was less expensive than producing a booklet, though it is a tad unwieldy to shuffle through separate cards. Below, two sample 5-card spreads with the Lady and Gentleman cards as significators:

I will say I was surprised and pleased with the promptness of my order since it was originally marked to be sent out on 30 June but shipped sooner. The cards are of good stock and size akin to the Under the Roses deck. During practice readings, the clear and simple images gave an overall feeling of directness and no nonsense, and I found I was able to interpret the cards relatively easily, though that may be due to plenty of practice in general. In all, these make a lovely addition to my collection, and I look forward to reading with them.

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