Podcasts: Limetown

So there have been two episodes of this particular podcast, with the intention of there ultimately being seven IIRC.

It's an interesting, fictional tale of a reporter digging into the mysterious Limetown, which was a facility in which a collective of genius scientists lived and were working. What they were working on is unknown, and what happened to the people is equally unclear. There was an "incident" and then everyone disappeared (except the lead scientist, who seemingly was burned at the stake by his colleagues).

If you like, say, The X-Files, you'd probably enjoy this.

The only thing that irritates me about this podcast is whoever plays the main character (the female reporter). I really dislike her voice acting. I find her soporific and unbelievable as a journalist. She's slow when she should be fast and vice versa. That is to say, moments when she should be quick and excited, her words are drawn out, and moments when one would hesitate or be confused, she's too sharp. I dunno. I'm probably overthinking it. But it really does bother me. Enough that, if this were an indefinite program, I'd likely stop listening. But if there's only going to be seven, well, I can stick it out despite her.

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