Television: Doctor Who, "Before the Flood"

Why would you call an episode "Part 1" and then not have a Part 2?

This is hardly an important matter, I'm just wondering.

"Before the Flood" has the Doctor and two other characters from last week back in 1980 as they try to figure out what's going on with the ghosts "Under the Lake (Part 1)." It ends up being a fairly straight forward situation involving a not-as-dead-as-previously-thought alien trying to broadcast his whereabouts so his fellows can come conquer Earth. He kills people in order to turn them into ghostly signal boosters.

Eh, whatever.

It's a good story, anyway. And there continues to be a subtle drilling down of the Doctor's (this incarnation's at least) character, his motivations and moral tipping points. Is he really kind of fine with using random people as test subjects if it means saving Clara? What does he put first, the good of the many or the salvation of one in particular? Is one just a happy byproduct of the other?

A bit off putting, though, to start the episode with the Doctor breaking the fourth wall in order to explain the bootstrap paradox. Since when? Usually, if something needs to be made clear to the audience, the Doctor will explain it to his companion or whomever they're dealing with. Why suddenly have him address the viewers? I don't mind it as a rule, just found it weird.

The Fisher King, too . . . Looked like something left over from the Lord of the Rings films. Wonder if we'll see more of these guys at some point. Are they Doctor Who's Borg?

But really, overall, this two parter was one of the better stories. I only hope it wasn't an anomaly and that the show continues to be at least this good if not better. I'd come so close to not caring any more, but these last two episodes actually had me paying attention instead of playing with my iPhone. These days, that's saying something.

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Christine Rains said...

I do wonder if we'll see more of the Fisher King's people too. Is it bad I thought Clara was flat because there was no Missy?