Television: Doctor Who, "Under the Lake (Part 1)"

Well, it's the best episode so far this season, though that's not saying much since we're only three in. But I've always been fascinated by stories of submerged towns. You know the ones: a town nestled in a valley and then a dam breaks and the town is covered. I spent a fair number of days imagining those waterlogged structures . . . Of course, logically I knew they would long have rotted away or whatever, but what an image: the pristine spire of a white-washed church, the little red schoolhouse, etc.

So what's the story here? A petroleum company funding some underwater mining for oil in the area of one of these flooded towns. And then an alien ship is discovered, and ghosts start happening, and the ghosts kill people and turn them into ghosts. It's a pretty good story, actually.

Remember Sphere? Was I the only person who liked that movie?

Anyway, by the end of it, the Doctor must pop out and "brb," except based on the previews for Part 2, he'll be a ghost, too, at some point. Doesn't really worry us much because it's his show, but it will possibly be interesting to find out how it happens and how he gets out of it.

It was funny how excited he was about the ghosts, though. Like, he's traveled the universe and all, but this simple thing—the revelation of ghosts—amazes and delights him. In all this time he hasn't met any? I go between thinking he must be pretty jaded and feel like he's seen everything (hence his excitement at something "new" like ghosts) and thinking he must see something new, like, almost every day, right? Which is it? After a while, the very novelty of novelty must wear off; nothing surprises him. But these ghosts do, boy howdy.

I hope more of the season is like this. I could actually start enjoying the show again.

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