Television: The Grinder, "Pilot"

Here we have Rob Lowe playing, more or less, Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec—same enthusiasm and optimism and go-getter-ism (if that's a thing). And we have Fred Savage playing straight man while everyone else buys into Lowe's effusive personality.

The setup is that Lowe plays Dean Sanderson, a television actor whose legal drama series The Grinder has come to an end. Savage plays Dean's brother Stewart, an actual lawyer. William Devane plays their dad, also a lawyer.

You can see where this is going.

Dean comes home to enjoy his series finale with his family and stays on to become a for real lawyer. Because Stewart knows all the stuff, but Dean has the panache. They'll make a great team, right?

Overall, I found this one cute but not amazing. Pretty standard fare, really. It's fun to watch Lowe do the slick stuff he does so well, and it's fun to watch Savage bungle a bit, but it's also difficult to imagine this won't get tired fast. If I could find better comedy somewhere, this one wouldn't be a contender, but as things stand, I'll probably give it another episode or two.

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