Television: Limitless, "Badge! Gun!"

You know what it is about this show? It's that the main character Brian reminds me of Andy on Parks and Rec. Like, if Andy took this drug and got to live out his Burt Macklin fantasy? That would be this show.

And I like it.

This episode shows Brian (switch a couple letters and you've got "Brain" right?) helping the FBI track down a biological weapon designed to give distant descendants of Genghis Kahn a stroke. All has to do with an upcoming vote, yada yada, but the writers do a really nice job of balancing plot-of-the-week with character. Brian is only just starting to struggle with having to lie to pretty much everyone, and there is a sense the noose will only get tighter—especially when the nurse meant to give him his shots to keep him from dying from NZT turns up as his dad's at-home nurse as well.

So for, for me, Limitless is one of the best new shows this season. It's one I really enjoy without it being too heavy or dark. Just well done all around.

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