Television: Limitless, "Personality Crisis"

So "smart" Brian has started leaving video messages for "dumb" Brian. Apparently he has time to film and edit all this at some point before the NZT wears off. So I have to wonder how long this NZT lasts? Because Brian was worried about being dumb for a 9:00 date in one episode. And he gets off of work at what? 5:00 or 6:00? Yet we've seen him sit up at night and be brilliant in online chatrooms?

Is there an accumulation effect at all? The more he takes the longer it stays in his system?

And if he's so brilliant and can figure out ALL THE THINGS, why can't he see a way out of his own predicament?

I know, I'm thinking too much. And it's a fun show, so I'm willing to forgive a lot. But this episode was kind of lackluster for me, maybe because they were hitting the character button a bit too hard. Brian wants to be a good person but advises himself to be a badass, which backfires spectacularly when a kid he wants to help ends up dead.

Then again, being a good person wasn't doing much for him either. He actually thought Sands might help him get information to Harris about her dad's use of NZT. Wow. He may be brilliant when on drugs, but he's a terrible judge of character. I mean, is there anything about Sands that reads as "helpful"?

As for the central episodic plot, it was something about misguided youths as would-be terrorists. Yawn.

The episode ends with Brian going against his own advice (better judgement?) and turning up at Harris' apartment to tell her about her dad. This can, as they say, only end in tears.

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