Television: Limitless, "Headquarters!"

Another great, funny, entertaining episode.

Brian wants his own "headquarters!", or really, his own office with "Headquarters!" on the door. Naz consistently tells him no, but then Brian makes a deal with her: If he can locate the FBI's Ten Most Wanted . . . then can he have his HQ?

He assembles a crack team of Boyle, Ike, Mike, Harris, and Rooks, and they get to work. I won't go into the details, but it was a fun and fast-moving episode with a good heart. Brian finds that one of the men on the list is likely innocent and applies himself to proving it.

The post-episode tags made the show. Honestly, the people who make Limitless must be a lively bunch, the kinds of folks you want at your holiday party.

Because a lot of what I watch is heavier dramas, I find Limitless to be a welcome change to my viewing diet. (I use Scream Queens to the same end.) It's difficult to find something well-written, well-acted and funny. This is why I watch so few sitcoms. But if we could get a few more of these dramedies on the air, I'd be plenty happy.

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