Television: Limitless, "Stop Me Before I Hug Again"

This show is very clever with its gimmicks. In this particular episode, Brian goes into his subconscious and discovers a childhood television mascot there to coach him through the horrifying realities of a serial killer. Said mascot tells Brian to substitute less scary words, such as "hug" instead of "murder." And every serial killer is given the name of an ice cream flavor.

It's cute. It's funny. It works. But I do wonder if/when it will become tired. Can the writers of Limitless keep this up? (I also wondered how difficult it was for the actors to say the lines without cracking a smile.)

Brian's abilities come to the attention of the FBI profilers at Quantico. They want him on their team. One profiler in particular is a celebrity of sorts after having caught a killer and written a book about it. But then, upon reviewing old files, Brian realizes this profiler nabbed the wrong man.

Meanwhile, Rebecca is beginning to figure out that Morra might himself be on NZT. When Brian tries to fix evidence in storage, he flubs it and Rebecca finds the discrepancy. Not like Brian to mess things up, at least not when he's on NZT. His subconscious points out that maybe he really wants to be caught so he can stop having to lie.

A solid episode, though it perhaps leaned a little too heavily on the cute stuff. My chief concern really is whether the show can sustain the cleverness without going over the top. It's a great series, so I'd hate to see it do itself in.

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