Television: Scorpion, "Sun of a Gun"

They've gone on and on enough about Sylvester's terrible family that it was only a matter of time before his parents turned up, right? One of them, at least. In this case, Sly's father (played by Jeff Fahey, so that I wanted to shout "Lapidus" at him periodically), who he hasn't seen in 13 years. Turns out that, along with being unable to deal with having a brilliant son, Mr. Dodd also has an obsession with third-world countries developing "sun guns" that allow them to zap cities off the map like Bond villains. Dodd Sr. has been on about this for years, apparently, and is now vindicated when some African dictator has, in fact, developed such a weapon.

The rest of it is par for the course: A trip to said African country under the guise of inspecting something or other, discovery of the weapon, plans to disable it but also leave evidence so that the world can act accordingly by sanctioning or bombing or whatever they do.

What really sort of bummed me out was that the preview I saw for this episode emphasized Walter in a speed dating situation. That happened at the open of the episode but ended quickly. I was all primed for hilarity and there was none.

Note that previews for the next episode also show Walter on a date. But now I don't want to get my hopes up.

And Jesus, even when Toby is left behind at headquarters because he's sick, they keep piling on the Toby-and-Happy schtick. Make. It. Stop.

It was an okay episode. Better than the stupid dam or Antarctica, though that's not saying much. I really think they need to lean more into the humor. I know it's not a sitcom or anything, but they're taking themselves a little to seriously with the angst between Toby and Happy and all that. Lighten it up, guys. Not just in the first five minutes but throughout.

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