Books: Help Choose a Cover for Brynnde

I've narrowed down the cover options for the Regency romance novel I'm writing to six finalists. Check them out here and vote for your favorite(s). Several are variations on a theme, so look them over carefully and decide which of them you like best. Which book would you click on while browsing Amazon? Or which would you pick up in the bookstore?

Brynnde is the name of the main character, btw. The story starts on a country estate then moves to London for the Season. I don't know if that matters to you when choosing a cover, but you'll see some have a more country feel while others feature more urban designs. To me, a cover should not make a promise the book doesn't keep. So if you think you'd feel cheated by picking up a book with a garden on the cover only to discover the garden is only a brief part of the book, well . . . Let me know.

Thanks for your help!

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