Television: Scorpion, "Ticker"

Last night I officially took Scorpion off life support, by which I mean I deleted my series recording form the DVR.

I thought I'd battle through to the end of the season at least, but I just couldn't care any more. I didn't even finish watching "Ticker" because the show is so predictable . . . Look, I know it should be that the fun comes from watching them be smart and it's not that they do fix it, it's how they fix it. "It" being the problem of the week. But there was a point last night in which the stakes were ridiculously upped, and in such a ham-handed way—like, a doctor calls Walter and tells him flat out, "If you can't get this done in forty minutes, it's all over"—that I just couldn't any more. I don't want my television spoon fed to me.

Honestly, if the whole episode had been the Genius Olympics thing, I'd have been totally on board.

So I will no longer be covering Scorpion on this site. Life's just too short for mediocre television.

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