Television: Elementary, "Art Imitates Art"

Am I caught up now? Yes? Whew.

Um . . . So a young woman is murdered outside her gym in the Bronx. And it turns out she's one of the subjects of an art instillation in which the "artist" has blown up selfies he's found online? So there's a fleeting question of whether someone is mad at this artist for doing such a thing, but that's dropped relatively quickly. Because why murder one of his "models" if they're mad at him? Unless one intends to murder all the models, which would actually have been a really cool story. Instead, though, we get some malfeasance on the part of a crime lab (another potentially interesting story if they'd stuck with it for any length of time) and circle back around to the assistant district attorney.

It was the kind of episode that didn't quite add up to the sum of its parts really.

Meanwhile, we did get more of Watson and her newfound half-sister Lin, but it was all sappy and not all that fun or interesting either. Lin was better as annoying, less good as belligerent and forgiving. And Watson is almost too even-keeled; I'd like her to show some spark now and then.

Anyway, we're down to the last three episodes of the season. CBS has renewed Elementary for 2016-2017, so there's time to pump in a bit more dynamism. We're in need of something antic.

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