Television: Limitless, "Finale: Part One!"

Okay, so I admitted last week that I'd totally stopped paying attention to the episode, so this week I was all, "Really? That happened?" when they gave the recap. I guess that's a reason to be happy for recaps.

Sands is in custody. Brian is still desperate to find Piper. And without the immunity shots, Brian can no longer take NZT. Nor does he work for the FBI any more. Instead he works retail at some would-be Best Buy.

When another agent named Bruster comes in to join forces with the FBI, it's pretty much a given he's a bad guy. Sorry if that spoils things for anyone, but his behavior is questionable from the start. So the reveal later is hardly a reveal at all.

Meanwhile, New York is suffering under a widespread NZT outbreak as the drug hits the streets. I have to wonder that this hasn't come up sooner, and that all the while the FBI has been giving Brian NZT they didn't think to work on finding out where it comes from. I mean, where are they getting it to begin with? Maybe they answered that early on and I've forgotten, but still.

Rebecca won't give Brian any more NZT because he's no longer immune, so he and a coworker go get some of the street stuff. Brian then sorts out where the supplies are coming from, but the FBI has a different lead. Courtesy of (you guessed it) Bruster. They round up all Sands' people, or so they think. But it turns out Bruster works with Sands, and they're really out to decimate Morra's network. They discover all this too late, however; Bruster and Sands are in the wind.

The episode was slightly hobbled by Brian not being at the FBI, but by the end of it that appears to be on the verge of changing. We can only hope.

Also, Brian's fixation on Piper still doesn't ring true to me. I don't find any chemistry there, and while I can believe Brian is honestly concerned for her, and that he also would like to find out if she's been successful in replicating the immunity shot, the romance feels forced. "She's my girlfriend!" is a tad whiny and hard to take seriously when they were together for all of a week before she disappeared.

One more episode this season, and no word yet about renewal. What I love about Limitless, though, is the balance of drama and comedy. It satisfies on both sides. When I want to watch something funny, Limitless will do. It has enough humor in it for that. When I want a drama, Limitless will also do, and it has the bonus of not being too heavy to watch right before bed. (Yes, I ingest television as if it were sandwiches.) No other show on my viewing list fits this particular slot for me, so I'm very much hoping it stays on the schedule.

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