The Passage of Time in Game of Thrones

I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering about this. I don't read all those GoT blogs and whatnot; there are just too many, and so many are nitpicky and getting down to a level of detail I have no interest in. But all this season I've had to wonder about how time works in Westeros.

IIRC (and I may not because I don't watch with the kind of avid attention so many others do), we spent almost an entire season a while back trying to get Arya and the Hound to her family, just in time for them to be slaughtered. And then there was more wandering around or whatever. It took ages, or seemed to. But this season people are zipping around like they've managed to build transporters or something. Theon and his sister turned up in Meereen, like, that fast. Varys was in Dorne and back in Meereen in the same episode! And how did they have time to make all those sails?

I suppose we're supposed to assume an amount of time has passed, but we're given no good indication. It's like the writers decided they needed to skip on ahead and keep things moving else this show would never end. And it would also get really boring to watch people trudge/ride/sail from place to place.

Still, the pacing just felt really off this season. It was a good season, mind, and the finale sets up some nice situations. One can see an end on the horizon. Which may have been the point of moving people so quickly.

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