Movies: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Yes, it was predictable. But you don't watch a movie like this for the plot. You watch it for the jokes. And while Popstar didn't have me ROTFL, it did make me LOL a number of times.

Andy Samberg stars as Conner, a solo pop star who has broken out from his group Style Boyz. Though Conner's first solo album did well, his sophomore effort hits the skids and sends his career into a downward spiral. The whole thing is done in faux documentary style.

Basically, if you find Andy Samberg's brand of comedy funny, you'll probably enjoy this movie. (Is Samberg the new Adam Sandler in that he's got a definite style?) Popstar was exactly the kind of comedy I was looking for, and so I enjoyed it. Alas, it's also the kind of comedy that doesn't come around very often any more. Guess I'm old school. I feel like most "funny" is sold now as toilet humor or earnest dramedy. Sometimes I just want some slapstick, hold the raunch. But it seems I have to reach back a bit to find those things nowadays: old Will Farrell movies, or even back to Monty Python. Yes, I know those films do have some low jokes, but they don't push the threshold, at least not my threshold. And I refuse to apologize if my bar is too low. Or high. Or something.

Popstar didn't do well, so I suspect we'll see even fewer of these kinds of films than ever. And I'll admit I'm glad I didn't pay to see it in the cinema; it wasn't worth the high ticket prices. Maybe we'll see more direct-to-HBO comedies from Samberg et al.? I know I wasn't wowed by 7 Days in Hell but... I'd take that over a lot of other comedy offerings of late.

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