Television: I Can't Even

I am so behind on television, you guys. Like, so behind. This is what happens when you get a life, I guess.

I have this list of shows that I either want to start watching or else started watching and want to continue but haven't had the chance.

  1. Timeless — it's on the DVR, looks super cute
  2. MacGyver — also on the DVR, and I think I'm, like, three episodes behind now
  3. Designated Survivor — watched the pilot, want to keep watching
  4. Luke Cage — also watched the first episode, wasn't blown away but I do want to see where it goes
  5. Elementary — premiered a couple weeks ago and is sitting on my DVR
  6. Documentary Now! — we do manage to watch this usually; there's only one on the DVR at the moment
  7. Scream Queens — loved the first season, watched the first episode of the second season and haven't gotten any further than that
  8. AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare — sounds like my kind of thing, hoping to get around to it
  9. Westworld — looks cool, plan to watch it . . . someday . . .
  10. Luther — I keep being told to watch this and I really, really want to because I love Idris Elba, but I just don't know when
  11. Poldark — another one I keep being urged to try, but the hubby isn't keen and we only have one telly

This doesn't even cover the fact that we also watch Supergirl and The Flash with the kids. At some point we'll loop back and grab Arrow, too, I suppose. Geez.

The shows we keep up with in real time are Brooklyn Nine-Nine and This Week Tonight with John Oliver. I won't go to bed on Sunday without seeing Johnny first. He makes my week and is the only television I consider "appointment television" any more. As for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it just airs at a time that's convenient. By Sunday evening we're ready to relax prior to the week starting, and we usually want light rather than heavy (Game of Thrones excepted given that we do John Oliver after). I also will often manage to catch up with any House Hunters at some point during the week when I'm looking for something mindless and undemanding. These days, busy as I've been, I often do want something unchallenging to watch.

How about you? What do you watch? Is there something I should add to my growing list? Something on the list I shouldn't bother with? Tell me about it in the comments!

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