I used to write for Blogcritics. Then I got busy with life and kids and career. Now I find myself unemployed (though with more kids than before), and I have time again, sort of, to read and watch DVDs, so here I am.

I have a BS from UT Austin in Radio-Television-Film. While there I focused on critical and cultural media studies. Also on screenwriting. And I've worked on movie sets. Then I went and got an MA in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College. And worked in the publishing industry for over seven years. So I do know at least a little about the things of which I write. Which isn't to say that I'm the last word on these things. The great thing about books and movies is that some people love some of 'em, and some people hate some of 'em, and they usually make for good conversation at parties. So you can agree with what I write here. Or not.

So what, then, is a "spooklight"? It's another word for will-o-the-wisp, a ghost light, a sort of phantom. It's something real and not real at the same time--the light is real enough, but it can still lead a person astray. I'm not trying to lead anyone astray here, but I find the idea sort of works with the ether that is criticism and opinion. A book or a movie is a real thing. What people say and feel about it is something more intangible, despite the concrete form of words.

Welcome, then. By following the spooklights, we may venture into interesting territory.

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