reviews policy

People sometimes ask if I will review their book or movie or CD or TV show. Um . . . Maybe. I get sent random books in the mail sometimes by people who have diligently dug up my address or whatever, and that's a bit creepy, so do e-mail me and ask first. Since I'm a working writer, I don't always have time to read or watch or listen to a bunch of stuff. Certainly not anything that isn't in a genre that interests me. So take a look at my site and get an idea of what I already like to read or watch or hear. For instance: I don't do gore. But I do like psychological thrillers. I don't read a lot of "high fantasy" but I like mysteries and magical realism. The occasional graphic novel. Whatever.

Here's what to say when you e-mail:

  • Tell me who you are.
  • Tell me what you've written/produced (including the genre).
  • Send me a link to your site or the book on Amazon or whatever.

I'll take a look and let you know whether I have the time and/or interest in reviewing your stuff. Don't take it personally if I don't or can't. I promise you don't want me to review your book or CD if I go in already thinking it's not my thing or that it's sucking up my time.

Also, just to be clear: my accepting something for review doesn't mean I'll give it a good one. I make it a point to remain honest in all my reviews.

Best of luck.

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