Actors: Christopher Walken

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Christopher Walken is a character actor with a twist: no one else does what he does. There have been imitators, but Walken is truly unique. You look at the roles he's played, and there it is: No one else could have played them.

I love Christopher Walken, and I don't even know why. Because honestly, he makes me a little uncomfortable. Or, to be clear, his characters do. He is, as I understand it from those who know, a very nice man. Maybe a little weird. But mostly harmless. And he can cook!

I've written about The Prophecy, which I think was the first Walken film I saw where I knew who Walken was as an actor. And that twist on Archangel Gabriel . . . It was magnificent. And sure, some of that is the writing, but I'll say it again: No one else could have played the role quite the same way. No one else could have gotten the same effect.

Really, Walken pretty much improves any film he's in. Even the bad ones. They'd be way worse without him there to up the entertainment value.

And that's maybe my only beef with Mr. Walken, that he doesn't always choose very good films to be part of. But the roles are always his. He owns them. So good for him.

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