SFWC: The Best Books So Far

I just have to say, I've met so many amazing writers at this conference. But here's a book I can recommend just from having heard the first page (and I'll be reading the rest of it soon): The Kismet Blade by Terry James Easley. First in a series, he's working on the second now, and from the little I've heard and read, it's a fabulous thriller. If you like Dan Brown's stuff, if you like Indiana Jones, this book is probably for you.

Another book I'm stoked about isn't out yet. The author's name is Steven (and I'm so sorry, Steve, I didn't get your card!) and he's doing a book about George Washington from age 14 to about 28 IIRC. For people who think of Washington as a stuffy old man, this is the young heartthrob version, all based on fact. Steve was a great lunch companion; I learned a lot. Did you know Washington was 6'2" at a time when the average man was 5'2"? No wonder he was such a good leader: you could spot him in a crowd, which made him easy to follow! But Steven's book focuses especially on Washington's relationship with Sally Fairfax.

So, so many great pitches. I've got a stack of cards to go through, so I'm looking forward to finding more gems to read. This is stuff you won't find anywhere else—at least, not yet. Real treats!

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