Sir Arthur Conan Doyle @ UT's Harry Ransom Center

Well, at least some of his papers are.

The HRC is the reason I chose UT; I visited when I was nine and saw a replica of the Nike of Samothrace and fell in love (never mind that Gutenberg Bible, which is what I was supposed to be looking at). One of my favorite professors—who became a dear mentor of mine—Dr. Douglass Parker had two offices: one in Waggener Hall and another in the HRC. Both were stuffed so full of papers and books and odds and ends that you could hardly enter.

Well, now HRC has some papers belonging to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of that famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes (and Watson, too, of course). And the one posted on the link above, courtesy of Slate, is quite telling of Doyle's frame of mind. I think he must have been a very interesting person, but also the kind that you would have to get in at the right angle to penetrate his personality. Anyone else would be shut out, prevented, rebuffed, would bounce off and walk away either bewildered or chagrined, maybe even angry.

In any case, an interesting insight into his character.

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