Television: Elementary, "The Red Team"

There's that word again: "disorientating." (I commented on it when Sherlock used it as well.)

Cute: Holmes' description of his love of conspiracy theorists as being like affection for "a barmy uncle or a pet who can't stop walking into walls."

Annoying: having Watson's therapist lay out the dynamics of the show and the main characters' relationship for those who can't think it through for themselves. Later in the episode, Gregson does the same in setting up Holmes' severing from the police department and by describing Holmes as "broken in a way that has nothing to do with whether or not he's getting high." On the whole, really, the writers have a bad habit of using dialogue for exposition instead of letting the audience work things out.

It is nice that JLM can take very predictable lines (like about turtle soup) and sell them. It's how matter-of-fact he is that does it.

Meanwhile, the episode plot itself was more interesting than some past previous episodes. Holmes working to unravel the murder of a conspiracy theorist which leads to his attempting to protect members of a war game exercise from 2009 . . . It bordered on X-Filian with shadowy government agents.

Unfortunately, once again the writers tip their hand a bit too soon and it is easy to pick out the perpetrator even before Holmes comes to the same conclusion. (Hint: it's usually the nicest, most sympathetic character.)

A nice touch came at the end of the episode when, without articulating it, Holmes made it clear that losing Gregson's trust is something he does actually regret. Kudos again to JLM for acting that emotion so nicely.

And I think having a pet will be good for Holmes.

Regular viewers: don't forget there's a new episode after the Superbowl Sunday night.

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