Television: Parade's End on HBO

For those who didn't get to see it when it aired in the UK, the miniseries Parade's End is coming stateside to HBO next week. Though instead of showing it in one-hour blocks over five weeks, HBO is cramming it down viewers' throats in three days' time . . . A morbid curiosity is tempting me to watch it to see what edits, if any, have been made for the US audience, but the better, stronger part of me is certain I could go the rest of my life without ever having to watch it again. And there are better things airing those nights anyway.

Variety liked it perhaps a bit more than I did, but even still found it a slog. As you may recall, if you read my commentary (and you can always search this blog and find it; oddly enough, it's one of my most-read series of posts), I had to resort to making my own fun while watching because the characters are somewhat unbearable, especially when one is exposed to them in large quantities.

It's been suggested Downton Abbey fans will enjoy Parade's End, but my guess is the main audience here will be the growing list of Cumberbatch admirers, people who are willing to sit through just about anything he's in. And they'll get their fill. Well, so much as bottomless pit fans ever can.

Go on, then. Gorge yourselves. I'm off to have a doughnut. And to watch something with characters I can stand to spend any amount of time with.

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