The State of Things

So here's where I'm at:

I've been asked to pen this script, so that's a priority. Hope to have the first draft done by the end of the month.

And there's the K-Pro book launch. I'm looking over proofs for the hard copy now. (It's already on Kindle if you want to read it that way; other formats will come online on the official launch date of March 26.)

And my Sherlock script has done well in competition (finally), though it needs some rewriting . . . But since it's just a spec/writing sample, that goes to the back. (You can read a draft of it on my Stage 32 profile under Loglines & Screenplays.)

So I'm busy and not reading as much (though I have started The Dante Club and really like it, except it's giving me grotesque dreams). And shows like Elementary, which I usually cover here, have been in repeats. Though I'll go ahead and take this moment to admit I've been late to the Community party but really enjoyed last night's Thanksgiving episode.

Revolution is coming back in a couple weeks, too, and I might try to watch it. Or not.

Lots of movies I keep meaning to see. When I have time. I'll write about those when I do. Have time. And see them.

Finally, back to London in July. Looking forward to that.

So stay tuned; I do intend to keep content up here as much as possible.

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