Television: Revolution, "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia"

Monroe is trying to bully Georgia by sending a nuclear weapon into Atlanta. So Miles & Friends decide they must go to Georgia to find and disarm it.

Rachel and Aaron are looking for a Dr. Jane Warren to help them with The Tower and destroying the nanites. (These had apparently been keeping Danny alive way back when, but they couldn't save him from a bazooka.)

Georgia, as it turns out, has its shit together way more than the Monroe Republic: steam-powered vehicles, a thriving market economy. At this point one has to think it must suck to be born and raised in Monroe. It's like being from a third-world country or something.

At the site of a homicide, Miles finds a knife he recognizes—one that had been his. "Alec," he utters ominously. "He was here." Cue the flashback: Miles giving Alec the family heirloom good-luck knife. (And someone playing "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" in the background.)

Things get ever more Stephen King-like with Aaron and Rachel when two men who attempt to apprehend them spontaneously combust. Well, without the flames. Just sort of a burning up. Thanks to Rachel's old friend Dr. Jane Warren. Who (score!) has sandwiches!

Alec beats the tar out of Miles, then Miles and Charlie chase him around because Alec has the nuke. But Alec sets Miles up to look like he shot and killed a cop, and so Miles is taken into custody and Alec gets away. Meanwhile, Alec tries to get into Charlie's head by making a connection between how Miles treated him and how he'll probably treat Charlie, but Charlie pleads blood ties. At which point Alec says, "You're Rachel Matheson's daughter? Do you know what Miles did to her?" Which is patently and not at all subtly designed to make people want to know what's going on there, but I can't help feeling like it just won't live up to the hype.

And Monroe flies a 'copter over Georgia to drop leaflets before the bomb. "Surrender by midnight or else!" Well, there were more words than that but that was the general idea.

Jane refuses to help Rachel because the nanites are keeping her cancer-ridden girlfriend alive too. But the girlfriend overhears and insists Jane help Rachel. So Jane gives Rachel a binder of information and tells her to get out.

Apparently Alec's big beef with Miles is that Alec got shipped out to Texas and when he came back Miles had left the Militia. (I'm not sure how to feel about the reference to Texas . . . Having lived there a good part of my life, I feel a kind of loyalty, but at the same time, when I imagine what would most likely happen if all the power went out and people were on their own . . . Texas isn't a place I'd necessarily want to be. And that's just the God's honest truth.) Anyway, in an ever-so-predictable turn, Alec and Miles fight over the bomb and Miles kills Alec. The moment might have been touching except we'd only just met Alec and didn't much care about him at all.

And then with a utter lack of sense of timing, as Miles grieves over Alec's death, Charlie demands to know what Miles ever did to her mom. Miles tells her to "get the hell away from" him. I just kind of wish she'd go away for good. She's a serious drag on the show.

And then the President of Georgia (who used to be married to Jack Bauer) offers Miles 200 men and the rank of general. Um . . .

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